About Oakshire

About Us

Our Story…A Family Grower

In business for over 30 years, the Oakshire Family has been a premium grower of specialty mushrooms since 1985 with the highest quality and freshest mushrooms in the industry.  We are known as an award winning innovator and patent holder in the mushroom industry for our 100% Vitamin D mushrooms.  Our offices are located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the “Mushroom Capital of the World”.

Values & Beliefs

Our President and owner, Gary Schroeder, has always believed that science, quality and hard work can deliver the best mushrooms to our customers.

Oakshire Mission Statement

To be a leader in the mushroom industry, developing, growing and distributing high-quality mushroom products. 

Oakshire’s Vision

Oakshire will constantly strive to develop, grow and distribute innovative, consistently high quality mushroom products that positively impact peoples’ health and well-being.

Oakshire’s Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

Being ethical, sincere, honest and trustworthy in our dealings with others and all that we do; our word is our bond and people can count on us.

Customer Focus

We will be leaders to and advocates for our customers, building and sustaining effective relationships with them, providing them with the highest level of professional excellence, a total solution and unmatched value.


We are obsessed with quality and will strive for excellence in all that we do, listening to each other and the voice of the customer, accepting the reality of change, continuously working to improve everything the company does, ensuring we are a leader in our industry and marketplace.


We are committed to continually learning and developing our knowledge, skills and attitude so that each member of the Oakshire Team possesses the requisite experience and expertise to perform and behave as a professional which will enable Oakshire to best achieve its mission, vision, goals and priorities.

Accountability & Responsibility

We are each responsible for our own and Oakshire’s growth and success which necessitates we each are accountable for meeting our commitments and obligations, helping team members to meet theirs, constantly working to improve all that we do.