Shiitake Logs


Golden OakTM  Shiitake Logs

Oakshire Mushroom Farm, Inc. is proud to introduce Golden OakTM Shiitake Logs for commercial mushroom growers.

Golden OakTM Shiitake Logs are the gold quality standard for ready-to-fruit shiitake growing substrate.

Long recognized as the best shiitake logs in the business, Golden OakTM logs were previously grown only at our own farm. Over the past 25+ years Oakshire has manufactured and grown over 12 million Golden OakTM shiitake logs. Golden OakTM shiitake logs arrive 'cured' and ready to soak for the first time.
    We provide directions for handling our logs based on our many successful experiences growing the highest quality and highest yielding shiitake logs. Oakshire's experienced shiitake growers are available to assist with any special growing needs to help you get the best results from Golden OakTM logs.

Oakshire has been the leader in Shiitake mushroom production for over 25 years. Let us put our expertise to work for you.