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Oakshire® Mushrooms is the exclusive marketer and distributor of fresh DOLE® Mushrooms. 

Ben Heick Appointed President of Dole MushroomsOakshire_News.html

Dole is known for the highest quality, freshest, most flavorful produce.  Now DOLE brand quality, fresh white mushrooms, portobello mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms are available to retailers and food service distributors.  Click here to learn about Oakshire's line of DOLE Fresh Mushroom Products.

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Oakshire Mushroom information including Portobello Recipes, Shiitake Recipes, Shiitake Logs for commercial growers, Oakshire News, and a listing of our complete line of mushroom retail, foodservice and ingredient Products.

Golden Oak Spawn offers mushroom growers 
a new choice in high quality hybrid off-white spawn, brown
 spawn, casing inoculum, oyster spawn, shiitake logs and other spawn products.
Click here for Golden Oak Spawn information.

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